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Precor Treadmill Power Switch

This precor treadmill circuit breaker is designed to help protect yourself from damage to your treadmill. The relay switch power on off switches will stop your treadmill from going beyond the safe limit of power. This part comes with a full lengthinfrared sensor to identify when the limit of power has been reached.

Precor Treadmill Power Switch Amazon

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Precor Treadmill Power Switch Ebay

This is a circuit board andinductor for a precor treadmill that has power entry plate switch. The circuit is. this replacement switch for the precor treadmill has a circuit breaker protection. It is attached to the power switch and provides power to the treadmill when turned on. The relay switch provides power to the computer andurdering software, when the treadmill is turned off. the precor m9. 1 c932 treadmill circuit breaker is a relays switch that will turn on the treadmill power on 11462-143 when it is used in a pre-approved home. The device is only required in approved homes! this precor treadmill complete power entry plate switch filter power cord is perfect for adding an extra power to your treadmill. It contains 6ft of soft, durable cable and 6-gauge wire for easy handling. The switch is adjustable to fit any size treadmill, and the filter can consume up to 6000 watts of power. This switch is perfect for those with a high-powered needs, or for those who want to enjoy their treadmill without having to turn it off or on.